My favorite science books


With so many smart digital devices nowadays, I am actually surprised that some people still prefer hardcover copies of books. In fact, I am surprised that people read at all, given the abundance of online information in form of video clips.

However, reading is not only one of the noblest leisure activities, it is also the only activity that makes you smarter and expands your area of knowledge, interest, and expertise. So whether you choose to read on the printed versions or on smart devices like Kindles or tablets, I advise you to keep on reading anything and everything.

I am a passionate science reader who is willing to devour anything that has a scientific base. From alien conspiracies to some of the world’s best-kept secrets and natural curiosities, I find science to be the fascinating subject in the world. Thus, I am willing to share with you my top science books if you’re looking for something new to read.


Evolution: The Human Story

If you’re into evolution science books this one will help you clear some of your questions regarding the true origin of the Homo Sapiens. From the oldest forms of animals to our predecessors, the primates, and up to the modern humans, this book is challenging and fascinating at the same time.

The Human Story tells intriguing tales about our predecessors, investigating in detail the shape of their bodies, their bones, and the environment they used to live in order to determine the triggering evolutionary factors.



Bad Science

Written by Ben Goldacre, Bad Science is definitely a science book recommendation you should consider. Written in a funny and sincere manner, the book tries to expose as many “fake news” and people as possible, especially the ones activating in the medical industry.

From phony nutritionists and doctors to biased scientific studies, Bad Science tries to help you better understand the difference between real clinical studies and bad science with placebo effects.


The Book of Eggs

Written by Mark E. Hauber, this book reveals the fascinating world of bird eggs, their origin, and the most beautiful items in the world. The book contains pictures of over 600 hundred bird species, along with comments on each type of egg to see exactly the beauty and diversity of these amazing life forms.

The Book of Eggs represents a true history and zoology lesson, teaching people about the most beautiful egg species, including some endangered or extinct from all around the world.



The book of Nothing is definitely a challenging reading as it tries to discover the nature of nothingness in our thoughts, lives, and existence. It is an intriguing reading since most of us transcended to the land of nothingness at least a few times in our lives. What is nothing? Where can it be found? Many other similar questions are trying to be answered through this book.